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Nowadays the majority of us is addicted to television. People, who we can see on, are not only young or young looking and beautiful, but slim as well. No wonder, we all want to look like them. If we do not match this ideal of beauty, we are eager to try all the possible methods, which can help us.

Dieting is one of the ways to become more beautiful. Sometimes people, especially women, keep to a diet they do not know anything about, except that “a friend of my friend” has successfully lost much weight due to this or that diet plan.

We change our usual way of eating; we starve; drink too much or do not drink at all; we eat either meat or vegetables only… It all can have awful results. Our health can be spoilt once and forever; it is like a one way ticket.

There is one way only to become irresistible and to remain healthy: get as much information as possible about each diet plan in this section of the site; then consult you doctor to choose the diet appropriate for you.

Remember, the one, who possesses information, rules the world.
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Dieting Basics Quiz
It is a real challenge for a person to choose a proper option in the boundless sea of different dieting plans and programs. Before making the choice it is recommended to learn at least basics of the most popular diets. This quiz may be used as the …
Articles in this category:
Scarsdale Diet: A Ship to Your Dreamland
The beauty-land. Everyone strives to get there. For millions of people, however, this dreamland seems as far as a lonely island in the boundless ocean. The thing that bothers those guys is their obesity. For them beauty …

Bob Greene’s Diet – a Life Concept
What is the difference between human beings and animals? Actually, there are many of them, but I would like to point out only one: animals do not create problems for themselves, while people succeeded greatly in …

Look Before you Leap Into a New Diet!
Few things can vary between one individual and another as diet. You may hear of a new regimen of eating that has worked wonders for one or more people, only to discover some months later, that they are back to their old …

Diet Secrets That Will Get You Slim
Do you go on diet after diet but don’t lose any weight? I have found that to be true until I figured out these quick and easy ways to lose weight. It really works and your diet won’t be a struggle. • Instead of having …

Dr. Phil Diet – the Psychology of Dieting
I have always considered constant TV watching to be one of the roads, leading to overweight. But with Dr. Phil, TV turned to be the source of good message for all, who suffer from excessive eating and its unpleasant …

The Zone Diet – a Choice of Celebrities
The end of the 1990th was the period of peak popularity of the Zone Diet, developed by Barry Sears. Madonna, Demi Moore, Jennifer Aniston, Sandra Bullock and Sarah Jessica Parker are those Hollywood celebrities, who …

South Beach Diet
The description of South Beach diet ranges from highly appraisal, like “the newest and the best diet plan in our days”, to more conservative, like “updated version of the Atkins diet” and even to absolutely hostile, …

Does The Grapefruit Diet Really Work?
I guess any fat person tries to get rid of his/her weight no matter how; at least I would do that. But it’s not so easy. There are thousands of methods helping to lose weight and the most popular among them is a diet. …

Atkins Controversial Diet
Since the time of Galilei and Copernic, Atkins is probably the most prominent scientist, who made other researchers argue, dispute and almost fight to prove their points of view. Thank God now we do not burn the …

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