Don’t believe if anybody says that looks is nothing and cleverness is enough to succeed in our life and to become a full member of the modern society. The vast majority of people pay much attention to their appearance, as well as to the looks of the others. Almost everyone agrees that it tells much about a person; therefore, everybody wants to look beautiful.

One of the components of beauty is healthy and shiny hair. There is no need to say what a disappointment it is for a person (irrespective of sex) to notice several grey hairs, especially in the young age. The shock is much greater on discovering the problem of losing hair.

Feminists always strive for the equal rights of men and women. Well, what about such an example of equality: both sexes can face the problem of losing hair?

Male pattern baldness can successfully be treated with a popular oral pill Propecia, which makes hair grow on the bald spots again. Here are some nuances of treatment with this pill.

Losing hair is a gradual process; at first it is almost invisible, then it becomes obvious not only for a person, who has this condition, but for the others as well. Weeks and months of finding shed hairs turn into years; several hairs turn into dozens. A bald spot decorates a head instead of the gorgeous hair at the end. Who would be glad to realize that?

Although it is possible to partially restore the lost hair shaft, it is going to take pretty much time and effort. Propecia gives hope to all the men, but it will not work in the wink of an eye. The first result of the pill’s activity becomes obvious not sooner than in 3-4 months. It is the apparent stop of hair loss – no more shed hairs on the brush or anywhere. The actual regrowth of the hair shaft can become visible only in 6-8 months. One should keep in mind that if the pill does not work for twelve months, it is not likely to start working at all. In this case no doubling of the dose can help.

By the way, the indisputable advantage of Propecia is its simple usage: one pill (1 mg) a day with no restrictions in food and time. A person can take it whenever it is more comfortable for him. If he misses a dose, he should either take it as soon as he remembers, or skip it, if it is about time to take the next dose.
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One more important note. It is a little known fact that all the participants of the Propecia trials had to use shampoo like Nizoral to keep the scalp in the perfect state (to prevent sebum production, inflammation, irritation, etc.). It is said that only in this case the effectiveness of the pill is the highest. Nizoral or any other shampoo with the same action should be used once every 3 days in rotation with the ordinary shampoo.

Finally, one should not forget that the action of the pill is stopped as soon as the treatment is dropped; therefore the hair loss will be back again. So, the price for the beautiful hair is taking Propecia constantly.